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Dvbt en300744 figure1.png

  • MPEG-2 encoding is done via ffmpeg / avconv. click here for details.
  • every mpegts can include multiple video / audio streams
  • in hierachical mode, 2 mpegts can be transmitted on the same channel
  • dvbtenc requires a mpeg-ts and does all the encoding up to guardinterval creation
  • D/A and frontend have to be realized in hardware
  • hardware includes baseband filters, frequency selection, sample rate selectors and power amplifiers


This python script using http://www.wxpython.org/ to control all the various tools required to do dvbt encoding. It can be checked out with git using

TODO: ask the admin how to check out the repro https://das-labor.org/users/siro/dvbtgui


dvbtgui let you choose different viceo sources, such as X11 screen grab or file. Various dvb-t settings, bladerf settings, vgatobaseband settings, watermark, ... This simplifies dvbt encoding. You just have to compile / install all programs needed by dvbtgui. Files needed:

* dvbtenc
* vgatobaseband
* ffmpeg or avconv
* bladerf-{TODO}
* adrf6755console-{TODO}


http://www.sunriase.com/2012/09/feobn-usb-dongle-of-dvb-t-modulator.html http://cp.literature.agilent.com/litweb/pdf/ads2008/dtv/ads2008/DTV_BCHCoder.html