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Toilet Status Indicator

Release status: stable [box doku]

Toilet status.jpg
Description This Panel shows the current status of the Toilet
Author(s)  kiraz, Soeren
Last Version  1.1 (18.08.2010)
Platform  AVR (ATmega8)
License  Source: GPL
Download  source code

The Toilet status Indicator is a device that displays the current status of the Toilet. It is connected to our local can bus so it can be controlled remotely. It will be connected to a motion detector inside the toilet, as well as a door switch.

Additionally, there's a motion detector connected to it that measures motion in the kitchen nearby. Whenever it detects motion, it starts an internal countdown. When there has been no movement for five minutes, it turns the kitchen light off.

How it works[Bearbeiten]

At the moment it displays one of the images at random, but later on it's supposed to detect the 4 possible states with infrared diodes and photo transistors.